Regional Stormwater Hotline:


FAQ: Why/ when should I call the hotline?

Answer: When something that is not rain is going into a storm drain! If you see something flowing into a storm drain or contaminating a creek and it just doesn't look right, call the hotline. You'll be directed to your local stormwater responder! In the past, this has included paint, motor oil, dyed diesel, chemicals, and trash, but if you're in doubt, please call. The hotline currently directs calls to the best responder in Humboldt or Mendocino County.

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Coalition News

  • We invite all community members to participate in the 2015 Stormwater Survey. The Coalition will use the survey to gauge the public's knowledge of stormwater issues, including the impacts of urban run-off and other harmful discharges into local waterways.  Based on the survey responses, the Coalition will improve their regional stormwater pollution prevention education and outreach program.  Your input is invaluable and all responses are completely anonymous.  Click here to take the survey online!
  • PDFs of presentations from the March 26, 2014 LID Symposium can be found on the "Past Events" page.
  • Check out the updated stormwater and Low Impact Development (LID) links on the "Resources" page.